historical photos

san juan capistrano

Construction of Mission San Juan Capistrano began in 1776.  Later, President Abraham Lincoln visited the mission to settle a land dispute with the Forster family.  Richard Henry Dana visited San Juan Capistrano when he came ashore as described in “Two Years before the Mast”.  San Juan Creek and its trails provide a glimpse of what life must have been like two hundred years ago…

Old Capo School

STR #1251-#1252

San Juan Hot Springs – Ortega Highway

The old mission – the early days

Landscape of Old San Juan

Mission San Juan Capistrano before renovaiton.

The Mission early 20th century

San Juan Capistrano 60’s


San Juan circa 1890

Motorcycle Riders on the Ortega

The Walnut Creek Restaurant

Swallows Nests

El Camino Real looking north

El Camino real looking south



The Picnic Drive in

I 5 under construction (60’s)

Orange Groves

El Camino Real looking North

Mission Early 20th century



Same shot colorized

Main Street



Orange Tree Farms



Forster House

San Juan Creek used to flow

Mission Drive In

Horse and Buggy Days

Mission Drive In


Future site of I-5

Old El Camino Real

Our Beach House San Clemente is only a few miles away from historic San Juan Capistrano.  These photos show the development of the city over the past 100 years.  The mission fell into disrepair in the 19th century until Abraham Lincoln visited and revitalized all of the California missions.  San Juan Capistrano is often believed to be the prettiest of all the missions. 

Beach House San Clemente