Capistrano Beach is situated along the coast on the southern end of Dana Point.  The area was developed by Edward Doheny who donated 40 acres to the state for Doheny State Park.  The long=board surf break off the coast from our house was made famous in a Beach Boys song.  Six lots to the north of our home sat the original Capistrano Beach Club and pier.  The Beach Club was lost to fire and the pier was lost to a big storm –  both in the 1960’s. The state park remains with bike paths to the harbor and to San Juan Capistrano.  STR #1251-#1252

The following are historical photos Capistrano Beach. 


Capistrano Beach Club


history of beach road

The proximity of the beach to San Juan Capistrano led to the naming of Capistrano Beach. Early residents were offered a free membership to the Beach Club if they purchased a home on one of the 188 lots on Beach Road, or above the cliffs on the Palisades.  I learned to swim at the Beach Club pool before it was destroyed by fire in the 1960’s. We loved ordering Shirley Temples from the white coated waiters who also served smoked albacore and abalone.  I remember my parents coming home inebriated from the beach club on weekends.  Some of my fondest memories of Grunion Hunting was right here.  the grunion still run in Capistrano annually.

There was also a pier built on Capistrano Beach in the early part of the century as part of the original development.  High waves destroyed the end of the pier, and it became dangerous.  the county blew up the remainder of the pier with dynamite also in the late 60s.

Some of the famous people who have lived on Beach Road include Roy Disney, Hobie Alter, David Eisenhower, Trisha Nixon, Jay Longley, Anthony Edwards, and Greg Maddox.